Thursday, March 10, 2011

Press, press, press your imprint upon the world!

press, press, press your imprint on the world. do not go gently into the night, say it out loud. you have been silent enough. let the burst of energy pass through your veins and let the shattering noise emerge from your deepest self. Sing it out, worry not of the consequences. the flow of language, so precious, so charming, so magical will wrap up the process of living with beauty. it will drug you and you will be quiet no more. So, speak, speak and see the wonders spill out of your tongue and into the nether where they retain both the gravity of existence and the magic of utterance. And where thinking stops and creation begins, where analysis gives way to pure joy, the sort of childlike enthusiasm that cocooned you a long time and which you search, as you go about your days, in the helter skelter of adulthood. Live, live that time once more. Speak!

No more, no less, only now. No past, no future, only now. No demons, no angels, only now.

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